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Agenda Management

Koliseo is the agenda management platform for professional events of any size, from the call for papers to the organization of tracks and communications to the speakers.

Your speakers will interact directly with the platform to keep their picture, bio and talk description up-to-date, and add the slides and video after the event.

Capture feedback

Attendees can rate your talks directly from the agenda and leave comments to improve.

In events with multiple tracks this feedback can later be used to distribute room capacity according to past presentations.

Access control application for Android

Ticket Management

Sell and validate your tickets using a single platform.

Once you get your call for papers, agenda and feedback in place, you may want to start selling tickets for your event. We can help there with our secure payment gateway and native access control app for Android so that you can have your entire event organized in a single place.

Koliseo also includes an automatic invoicing procedure for your attendees. Once automatic invoicing is enabled, your attendees can generate their invoices directly from the ticket.

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per ticket*
No hidden costs
No fixed fee and no additional costs for each mode of payment.
Call for Papers
Process the request for proposals, talk selection and composition of the final agenda.
Offline support
The agenda works from your mobile device even when no Internet connection is available, removing the need to develop and install a separate app.
Feedback Management
Collect feedback from your attendees such as rating, comments and likes.
Manage discounts, invites and date restrictions for your ticket sales.
Ticket Management
Manage and validate your tickets at the venue using our native Android app.
Payment processing
Sell your tickets using our secure payment platform.
Automatic invoices
The attendees can generate their invoices directly from the platform after the event.

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