phpCrest 2019

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phpCrest 2019 Call For Proposals

Thank you for your interest in Commit! Please read carefully all our policies and guidelines before sending your proposal.

phpCrest will take place final of November in Madrid.

Call for Papers will be open until Jun 30th.

We will announce our agenda in the second half of July, and send a confirmation if your talk has been selected. The agenda will be created with the help of all the communities who collaborate with phpCrest every year.



You may choose to submit:

Talk (40 minutes + 5 of Q&A)

Workshop (95 minutes + 10 of Q&A) --> Please include any specific requirements (i.e. required ports and software to be preinstalled by the attendees)



We won't use your personal information for other purposes than the Call For Proposals and communications related.

Talks and workshops can be delivered in either Spanish or English. Please choose a language that you are fluent with. Language will not influence the inclusion of your talk. You may change your choice later, based on the audience in the room.

Maximum 2 speakers per talk. You won't be allowed to add more speakers after the talk has been selected.

Please be careful with typos, sloppy formatting, and all-lowercase. Small details may count against your proposal.

We appreciate links to any slides or videos of former presentations, to help evaluate your proposal. Use the "Comments" field.

Log in with an email that you usually check and not a secondary one. We will send you there all the information about the event, and the confirmation of your selection. Try not to use a corporate email address, to avoid losing access to your Koliseo profile if you leave the company.

Make sure you have checked the box to authorize Commit to record and publish your talk/workshop/unconference.

Please read our Code of Conduct before sending any proposals.

** If you need some help or want feedback about your proposal, feel free to contact us at**