CPB100: Google Cloud Platform Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals

Important: you will receive all the information about the CPB100 class a couple of weeks before the class starts

This 8 hour instructor-led class introduces participants to the big data and machine learning capabilities of Google Cloud Platform. It provides a quick overview of the Google Cloud platform and a deeper overview of the data processing and machine learning capabilities (for a deeper overview of Google Cloud suitable for IT professionals and managers, see CP100). This class showcases big data solutions on Google Cloud, how easy it is to use, and gets you excited about what you can do with it.

Language: English

Modules and Labs

Module 0: Welcome

Module 1: Introduction

Lab 1: Free Trial

Module 2: Foundation of GCP

Lab 2a: Compute Engine

Lab 2b: Cloud Storage

Module 3: Data Analysis on the Cloud

Lab 3a: CloudSQL

Lab 3b: Dataproc

Module 4: Scaling Data Analysis

Lab 4a: BigQuery

Lab 4b: TensorFlow

Lab 4c: Translate API

Module 5: Data Processing Architectures

Module 6: Summary

Appendix 1: Genomics

Appendix 2: BigQuery

Lab A2a: Building BigQuery Query

Lab A2b: Loading and Exporting Data

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